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Photodynamic Therapy

We are proud to offer a unique photodynamic therapy (PDT) for the treatment of actinic keratoses (AKs), sun damage and brown pigmentation.

Actinic keratoses (AKs) are rough, scaly patches on the skin caused by excessive exposure to the sun. These can sometimes progress into dangerous skin cancers. More than 10 million Americans live with these lesions and far too many people never seek treatment for them. This can have serious consequences. Doctors estimate that 40% of squamous cell carcinomas begin AKs.

For this reason, 3 major medical groups - The American Cancer Society, The Skin Cancer Foundation and The American Academy of Dermatology - recommend that patients with AKs seek treatment for them.

Enter the Levulan Kerastick PDT system. It is an advanced 2-step treatment for minimally to moderately thick AKs of the face, scalp, arms and legs. It removes early AKs before they are apparent, has a short healing time and improves the tone of the skin, removing the roughness and brown pigmentation caused by the sun.

The Levulan PDT treatment has been proven to be very effective in clinical testing. Eight weeks after treatment, over 90% of AKs cleared up in about 2/3 of patients.

In addition to being a preventative health procedure, the Levulan PDT treatment can significantly improve the texture, tone and color of the skin.